Monday, April 24, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Christina Chance - Stop Motion Video

Teacher Spotlight: Christina Chance

Stop Motion Videos

Student setting up Stop Motion stage                                               

What are the students doing?  

Building props for stop motion videos.The students have tapped into their entrepreneur skills by creating a business based on their interest and also solves a problem and/or provide a need. They learn to market their businesses through the use of flyers, business cards, and both radio and TV commercials that they create. The students are currently working on their TV commercials where they will have to include Stop Motion Animation which will bring life to objects. The students will use their imagination along with technology to create a video commercial that advertise their business. The students will first write their storyboard for their commercial and show how they will use stop motion in their commercial. Students will provide a list of items they will need to record their videos. Students are not limited to what they can use (within reason and it is appropriate).  

What do you hope students accomplish by completing this activity?
They will learn to create a moving visual story and use digital, and multimedia techniques. Students learn writing skills, by creating a script, marketing skills, and most importantly they learn problem solving and critical thinking skills.  

How did this activity tie to your standards?  


This provides students with opportunities to become “computational thinkers” by applying a variety of problem--‐solving techniques as they create solutions to problems that are situated in a variety of contexts.

How did this activity promote student learning? 

Students learn that they can be their own boss by using talents they currently have by turning their love and interest into a business. This is an authentic lesson that students can apply to their life now and in the future. It teaches students a variety of approaches to solving problems and it promote critical thinking. It allows them to see that there are not always a right or wrong answer to a problem therefore making everyone feel included and give each student an opportunity to showcase their talents.    
Students taking stop motion of their race track.

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