Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Trapp, Spanish, VoiceThread

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Yadira Trapp, Spanish

Using VoiceThread in the Classroom

     Today's spotlight takes a trip to Mrs. Trapp's Spanish classroom and how she uses VoiceThread, a web-based program that allows the use of images, video, and audio to be placed together and provides a means of getting users to give written and verbal feedback.  Mrs. Trapp's use of VoiceThread is excellent with helping her students speak Spanish fluently and allows her to give quality feedback. Hope you enjoy today's Spotlight.

1. What are the students doing?  
My students are currently working on their interpersonal performance assessments. Students have to record their oral communication in the target language using VoiceThread.

2. What do you hope students accomplish by completing this activity?  

By using VoiceThread students and I are able to listen to the recordings and assess their performance. Students have a rubric which is used to assess their work and reflect on ways to improve it.

3.How did this activity tie to your standards?  

The World language standards require students to be able to use the target language, not just recite verb conjugations or isolated vocabulary words. This activity is the culminating exercise of the speaking and listening abilities developed during the unit.

4.How did this activity promote student learning? 

This activity promotes learning because students know that there will be a recording of their work. It is something tangible. They can play the recording several times, they assess their work and their classmate's and I +reflect on ways to improve. This activity also allows us to show improvement. 7th grade students recordings were 1 or 2 minutes at the beginning of the school year. Currently, 7th grade students can sustain a basic conversation in Spanish for 6 - 7 minutes without falling back into their L1 or first language.

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