Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dobyns, Orchestra

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dobyns
Orchestra Party! Student Mentoring

What are the students doing?

Students have the opportunity to come in to the orchestra room every morning for "Orchestra Party." This is where they can come in and practice alone or in small groups. They can also use this time to receive extra help from me or from fellow orchestra students.  

What do you hope students accomplish by completing this activity?

A daily extra practice session, and to start their day off of on a "good note!"  

How did this activity tie to your standards?

Orchestra Party ties in perfectly with the first SC Academic Standard for the Visual and Performing Arts:
1. The student will sing and perform on instruments a variety of music, alone and with others.   

How did this activity promote student learning?

Younger students benefit immensely from coming to orchestra party. A few 6th graders have been coming in and older 7th and 8th grade students are helping them reinforce skills (correct hand position, note reading, etc.). Students learn a lot too just by watching each other perform! 

Questions to ponder:

How have you created mentoring opportunities for students in your classes? 

What difficulties have you experienced establishing mentoring for students?

What successes do you have with mentoring?  

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