Friday, September 18, 2015

Make Common Sense Common

Big Goal for the Year

   In my role working constantly with technology I have developed a growing burden for helping students and teachers understand the importance of Creative Commons and Digital Citizenship.  We are doing tons of work digitally and knowing how to properly credit others' work or protect one's own work is a vitally important skill.  Complacency or not knowing are inexcusable for our schools and I want to do all I can to help people at my school pratice proper netiquette.  My district participated in a digital survey on lots of topics and Digital Citizenship proved to be an area that teachers and students showed weaknesses in.  They recognized the importance but didn't always put the process into practice.  This data is driving my work this year on Digital Citizenship.
   A first step in teaching Digital Citizenship and Creative Commons is the slogan above I created and actually created a Creative Commons license. This year I want to make common sense practice of digital etiquette in my school a reality.  This is a huge undertaking but I'm excited for the work ahead as I will be working with fellow teachers and students to develop videos, posters, and other means to inform and educate our school on Digital Citizenship.  A huge thanks for the motivation and actually caring about Creative Commons goes to our Media Specialist, Lorena Swetnam.  I am grateful for her part in teaching our school.

It's Your Turn

   What are you doing to educate your campus about Digital Citizenship?  

   How have you found success?  What areas need improvement?  

I would love to learn from your experiences.  Please share through comments or tweet me, @TylerAbernathy1 your experiences with Dig. Cit. and Creative Commons.  

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