Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SC Midlands Summit 2015

Collaborate. Listen. Learn.
How a Media Specialist and Technology Learning Coach combined to collaborate with teachers to help make learning more engaging for students.

     Wednesday, June 10th is the big day I get to share with you all in person the exciting year I had working as a Technology Learning Coach.  My role allows me the flexibility to not only move about the school but to work with teachers of all contents and all levels.  This new role I serve in was eye-opening compared to my days in the a 6th grade Social Studies classroom. As much as I could hear about what other teachers were doing, SEEING other teachers great work was amazing!  I loved getting to sit and observe these master teachers design lessons and activities to meet the needs of students and actually get to plan and co-teach particular lessons and content.  I hope you find the work I share informative and useful for the role you serve on your school campus.  As you view some of the tiles on my Blendspace you will realize you can't open it.  Part of this is due to the fact I want to show it during my session.  The other aspect is it is a Google Classroom page or Site I created that has content I don't want to give full access.  Please contact me if you have questions or want to know more information on what I'm doing with my school.  Here's my info below.  

Tyler Abernathy

E-mail: tabernathy@richland2.org 

Twitter: @TylerAbernathy1

Presentation for SC Summit 2015

Post your thoughts and takeaways on the Padlet I've set up for my presenation.  

A quote that guides me in my role as a Peer Coach:

"A Peer Coach is a teacher leader who assists a peer to improve standards-based instruction by supporting the peer's efforts to actively engage students in 21st-century learning activities."  
                                                                                        ~ Les Foltos
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