Sunday, March 1, 2015

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Myllakangas and Mr. Smith

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Myllakangas and Mr Smith     (ELA&SS)

        Today's spotlight looks at the engaging work these teachers are doing within their classes to excite students about Greek History and Mythology.  Enjoy seeing how these two teachers collaborated to develop a worthwhile experience for students as they learn this content.  

What are the students doing? 

Student in my class worked together with Mr. Smith's Social Studies class to create unique myths that showed their ability to create a narrative with accurate details to ancient Greek myth writing.  To show off their creations to their parents and peers, students participated in a Greek Myth Cocoa House.  The students enjoyed cocoa and treats as they real aloud their Greek myths.

What do you hope students accomplish by completing this activity?
Through this project, we hoped to see students effectively use the Writing Process to create a narrative piece of writing.  In addition, we hoped student would show their knowledge of ancient Greek mythology.

How did this activity tie to your standards?

This activity correlated to the ELA standards as students are expected to effectively creative a narrative piece of writing.  This activity also served as a great practice writing for the ACT Aspire writing test, which will ask students to create a reflective narrative.  For Social Studies, this activity helped students to show their knowledge of ancient Greece, for which Greek mythology is a huge component. 

 How did this activity promote student learning?

The Cocoa House promoted student learning because the students were able to work side by side with both ELA and Social Studies.  In addition, students were able to work collaboratively with their peers.

What are your reflections on this activity? (positive and ways to improve in the future)

The Cocoa House has been an effective way of encouraging students to want to write. This is especially true since they are held somewhat accountable by their peers both through the Writing Process as well as during the presentation stage of writing.  In the future, I would like to combine all four classes together to create one  large Cocoa House.

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