Sunday, February 22, 2015

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Catoe, French

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Elizabeth Catoe, French

     In today's Teacher Spotlight, we recognize the engaging work going on in Mrs. Catoe's French Class.  In one of her 8th grade classes she was able to utilize WeVideo to have students give French weather reports.  This immersed students into the French language and had them practice speaking the language.  Here below is Mrs. Catoe's reflections on the activity and examples.  

What are the students doing? 

Students created a weather report in French based on the actual weather in different regions/cities in France.

What do you hope students accomplish by completing this activity?

The goal of this activity was for students to practice reading, writing, and saying the weather expressions in French and learn about typical weather in different French cities and regions.  Students also learned how to search for Creative Commons photos and create green screen videos using WeVideo.

How did this activity tie to your standards?

This activity worked with many standards for language learning.  The students read and interpreted weather in French to produce their skits.  They then spoke in French on topics they had learned about.  Both of these activities fit with the Novice level language learning standards.

How did this activity promote student learning?

This activity promotes student learning because it allows students to explore the language in a native setting. It encourages students to use the language they know to figure out new words. It gives students a chance to create something with what they learned. Finally, it gives students a chance to showcase what they have been learning in a more real-world scenario.

Links to Videos:

What are your reflections on this activity?

After completing the activity, I think the students did very well. All students were able to create a weather report in French and recite their lines. All students were able to create a video that went along with their script. All students were understood by their peers.

If an activity like this was done again, the only thing that I might change would be to require the students to practice a few times in front of me before recording. Because this is the first time they recorded themselves in front of a camera, I think that some students got nervous. I think that the videos could be even better with a little more practice time.

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