Tuesday, February 17, 2015

B.O.L.T. Teaching Students Lifeskills

B.O.L.T. - Blythewood's Own Lifeskills Training

B.O.L.T., which stands for Blythewood's Own Lifeskills Training is an advisory program.

B.O.L.T. was originally started to provide life skills training to students on a regular basis to a small group of students.  Over the years our focus has remained the same, but the lessons have changed in order to meet the needs of our ever changing population.  The goal of BOLT is to provide students with the lifeskills they need today and in the future, in order to be productive members of society.  

Topics we've discussed with students this year thus far:

- SMART Goals
- Internet Safety
- Creative Commons
- Social Media
- Importance of Education
- Check your tone when Texting 

This small advisory group setting that has some groups separated by genders allows for an open discussion about the lessons created.  The goal of us at BMS is to make sure we help develop quality individuals who positively impact their community and can be effective leaders in their families and future careers.  

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