Friday, October 3, 2014

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dobyns, Orchestra

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Dobyns Orchestra

Excited today to share with everyone great work happening in our Performing Arts classes.  Let's take a look at what Mrs. Dobyns did to engage and empower her students to have a deeper understanding of her content.

What are the students doing?

The 8th grade orchestra students are learning to play two octave major scales (16 notes). I had 16 volunteers come to the front of the classroom to form a "human scale," where each person represented a note of the scale. They lined up with different spacing between them (some were standing close together) to represent how the notes of the scale are spaced.

What do you hope to accomplish by completing this activity?

My hope is that this activity will help the 8th graders have a better understanding of how their scales are constructed, that will enable them to perform them successfully.

How did this activity tie to your standards?  

Standard 1: The student will sing and perform on instruments a variety of music, alone and with others.
The students perform their scales in class by themselves and as a part of their instrument section.
Standard 4: The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate music and music performances. 
The students analyzed the picture of the "human scale," noticing the spacing between "notes" and then applied that to their scales.

How did this activity promote student learning?

After seeing the attached pictures, some of the students had an "aha" moment where everything clicked. Seeing themselves up there as the notes made understanding and playing the scale so much easier.

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