Monday, September 15, 2014

Teacher Spotlight: Sherri Whitlock 7th Grade Math

Teacher Spotlight:
    The following is the first of many posts where we highlight work going on in teacher's classroom at our school.  Our first teacher is Sherri Whitlock.  She teaches 7th Grade Algebra and in this spotlight we'll see how she used a gallery walk to introduce students to the new chapter.  As you see the pictures I had Mrs. Whitlock respond to a few questions that will be our format for all these types of posts.  

The Questions asked:
What are the students doing? 
What do you hope the students accomplish by completing this activity?  
How did this activity tie to your standards?  
How did this activity promote student learning?


Mrs. Whitlock's Reflection:

"This "Gallery Walk" activity included a variety of problems related to our new unit of study on Linear Equations.  As students collaborated in pairs to solve problems tied to this domain, they reflected on what they already know as well as what they still need to learn.  Now, I can design the learning experiences to better meet my students' needs instead of spending  excessive time on concepts they already understand.  It was fun to hear their conversations as they worked through each problem on the "Gallery Walk"  ("Oh, this problem isn't that hard."  "Now, I see how to do this."  or "I have no idea about that one.")  This activity also gave the students a sneak peak of what they will be expected to know and do by the end of this unit."

Questions for you to respond to?
How have you used gallery walks to introduce or work with content?
What takeaways do you have from reading about her approach?  

Please respond to the blog and as well post to mine, @TylerAbernathy1 or Mrs. Whitlock's @sherriwhitlock any insights you have.  

Who will our next Teacher Spotlight be?  Come back soon to see!

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