Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beware of the Whirlwind!

Identify the Problem
        So I sit here 2 1/2 weeks removed and what's happened?  Have I faded?  Am I too lazy to type?  Have I got too many ideas and can't figure out which one to write about?  A lot of these answers may be yes but the best answer to describe what's been going on is what the book 4 Disciplines of Execution calls "The Whirlwind."  This book is definitely on my to-do list but I've read a ten page summary and wow was I blown away.  The "whirlwind" the book speaks of is the day-to-day work you and I do to survive.  In of itself this doesn't sound all bad.  You have to do certain actions each day in your job or else things can go all out of wack.  Where the "whirlwind" becomes a problem for us is when these day-to-day issues squeeze out the big ideas and great innovation we want to implement.  This is the constant fight for individuals who are trying to push themselves to get better and learn more.  This is also the case for great companies, schools, etc. that are doing things well but want to avoid eventually becoming stagnant.  Avoiding stagnation is one of the biggest challenges any company or individual faces.

Possible Solution - Mission Possible!

         How do you combat this daily bombardment of the good things to achieve the great?  What I am trying to do is identify what 4DX calls the Wildly Important Goal (WIG).  This essentially is what other books or speakers have discussed in avoiding the good to get to the great.  Where 4DX goes further is the ways to execute this wildly important goal.  Why is wildly?  I would say it's because this goal is what you believe will take you and those you work with to a level that's never been seen before.  That's what I'm attempting to do for myself right now.  I've gotten through most of the initial growing pains of my new position and we're all getting more settled into the school year.  I want to make my big ideas happen for betterment of those I work with.  I have to find a way to narrow my goals so that I can achieve more.  With that said, here's my WIG for the upcoming year.

       "To create an environment in my school that is collaborative among teachers of all grade levels and subjects to discuss, analyze, and reflect academic practices, projects, and ideas that will create authentic teaching and student learning."  

Now that I have it identified.  The next step is to create the Lead and Lag measures that will show me the progress I'm making towards the WIG.

What's your WIG?  I'd love to hear about it.  Share what your big, outside the box idea is for taking your teaching to the next level.

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